Commercial Media Production and Post

storyboard TivoliPreProductionGradiantPlanning is one of the most important parts of a project. When money and time are on the line, there isn’t much room for error. This is why we lay out the plan and get all the pieces in order in the pre-production phase. This maximizes communication between departments and creates the road map to the desired result. Here are some of the services we offer:

Concepts | Storyboards | Casting | Location Scouting | Booking | Producing

production2ProductionGradiantWhen it comes time to put the plan into action we move into production. This is where we film the piece and capture all the necessary elements, visuals, assets, and sounds needed to hand over to post. We book everything necessary for the production phase so you can simply sit back and relax while we make everything happen. Here are some of the areas we cover in the Production phase:

Directing | Cinematography | Photography | Videography | Producing

PostPostProductionGradiantOnce all the assets are gathered we move into post production where it is all brought together seamlessly and crafted to perfection. Any elements that must be created digitally are handled here as we mend the pieces according to the vision. These services includes:

Editing | Visual Effects | Motion Graphics | Titles | 3D | Animation | Compositing | Color | Finishing

audioAudioGradiantAs a counterpart to the visuals, the audio is often what makes or breaks a piece. That is why we take great care in making sure all the sounds are crisp and clear. We create custom music or can drop in already chosen tracks and make sure they dance well with the sound design and voice over. Careful thought is put into automation and leading the viewer through sound. Our audio services include:

Music | Custom Scores | Custom Songs | ADR Recording | Voice Over Recording | Sound Design | Foley | Final Mix | Mastering